Chiropractic Testimonials

"Hi my name is Amanda. I came in originally for sciatic nerve pain, back pain, migraines, but when I came here Dr. Nelson helped me with that and he also told me about the nerve that goes through the piriformis muscle, which is kind of rare, which causes a lot more pain. I also mentioned that I came in one day with an ear infection and he adjusted my ears. I have not had an ear infection and I also have not had a sinus infection since.

I also pinched a nerve, two or three weeks ago, he helped me out with that, adjusted me and I’ve had no problems since. Before I just took ibuprofen, I also wanted to come here because I knew I would be able to start massage therapy school, because of the way my health was before. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to complete it. I’ve been in school now, I’m almost through the beginning program and I am not worried that by coming that I will be able to finish and get my license."

 - Amanda

"I am glad to be able to talk about my helpful experience at White River Chiropractic Clinic. I came to the clinic about a year ago after a horse training accident and the first thing that Dr. Nelson did was to talk with me and listen to the nature of the accident. The second that he did was to take a series of x-rays and the third thing, which I appreciated so much, was that he took the time to sit down and discuss the x-rays with me and help to develop a plan of care.

At the time that I came in I was using a cane, my balance was impaired and I didn’t have good range of motion on my right side. I also had constant pain in my lower back and right hip. We discussed the options, I understood that it would take some diligence on my part as far as keeping my appointments and it worked, it worked perfectly. I am feeling wonderful, I am walking normally I don’t use a cane and I’m pain free and have never felt better.

The other thing that I have discovered through the Chiropractic Clinic is there are other benefits that I didn’t even expect. I can breathe better, I can move better, and my overall outlook on life I think is improved as well. I work full time and I also manage a horse breeding business full-time, so spare time for me is not much of an option and I find that coming to the Chiropractic Clinic is my ‘me time’ and I truly do look forward to it. Dr. Nelson and office manager Tyra are professional and skilled and compassionate. It’s a wonderful place and I urge you to come to the Clinic and be healthy as well."

 - Cheryl

"My name is Amber, and I started coming in here the very beginning of June. I had a car accident at the end of May and had very bad whiplash and some damage to my back. So, I could not go out on my sales calls because I literally for two weeks could not walk a very far distance because of the pain. I could not turn my head to see to drive so that was a big problem, because I drive for my job.

I had never seen a chiropractor before. I was very, very afraid, but by the time that he used his magic on me, he saved me, so it was wonderful. I still see him once a week for after care, and I love it. Actually, you guys made it very easy for me, and I work for a very, very understanding boss, so I got to come to my appointments whenever he needed me to be here.

I would most definitely recommend Dr. Nelson to anyone, I have recommended him to several people, actually. I love him."

 - Amber

"My name is Naila. I originally came to the office because I was having bad migraines. The reason that I came here actually was that my fiance had come here for some other chiropractic problems and he ranted and raved about how much he liked the office and his new doctor. So he asked me to try it instead of the chiropractor I was currently going to and it turns out that this office was a great fit for me.

My migraines have been reduced significantly, and just the overall atmosphere was what brought me here and kept me here. It’s very personal care, so Dr. Nelson lets you know that he actually has an interest in making you better and not just keeping you as a patient. For example, the first day that I came here he called me later on the telephone at like six or seven at night, just to make sure I was feeling well after my first appointment. Things like that, like the personal touch, are really great. The flexibility: so if I have to cancel or if I have a bad migraine and want to be fit in, there’s a lot of flexibility with the appointments which is super great for my schedule.

I have a kidney condition, and even though I came for specifically the migraines, I’ve noticed that when I come and get adjusted the pain that i feel due to my kidney disease is also reduced. So that was something that I didn’t really come for but that Dr. Nelson has helped me with in turn with helping with the migraine, so it’s like an overall care type thing. I definitely would recommend this office, in fact I have several times to other people. So out of all the offices that I’ve visited in this area, this is the one that holistically, I guess, I recommend to other people."

 - Naila

"Hi, my name is AJ, and I first started coming to this place mostly because I had a lot of lower back pain and neck pain. There were some accidents that I’d had that is where this pain basically came from. When I was still living in Pennsylvania, I tried to see other chiropractors to get some kind of relief, and they kind of gave me a temporary fix. But the pain always came back and I didn’t have any kind of permanent solution.

When I moved here with my fiancee she set an appointment and I came in the first day just kind of not really knowing what to expect. The environment of the office is very down to earth. You walk in and it doesn’t feel like you’re in some kind of health care setting where there’s people going around like crazy people back and forth. There isn’t a huge waiting room full of people. It’s very warm, very inviting, they make it look nice.

So I came in, and he took x-rays and basically showed me exactly what needed to be fixed and laid out the whole plan for me right there: this is how we’re going to fix it, this is how long it’s going to take, this is how many appointments it’s probably going to take for you to start feeling better. That was nice because it kind of gave me light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak, like I could actually see this is going to be painful for a while, but there is a point at which this is going to start feeling better.

Within the first couple of weeks the pain in my back went away, and I’d get up the next day and instead of it just being sore to the point where I just couldn’t walk around the house, I feel great in the mornings. I come in with the typical wear and tear of the week on the body, and I basically come in once a week, he puts me on the bed, straightens it out, and it feels great. So yeah, coming here was basically the best thing I could have done."

 - AJ

"Hello, my name is Uria, and I am a current patient of Dr. Nelson’s White River Chiropractic. I have sincerely enjoyed my experience. My husband and I moved here four years ago now, and we have had chiropractic care in the past and we loved it. Right away we knew this was exactly where we wanted to go.

He is so thorough. I’ve had lower back pain for fifteen or so years now, and he has helped with that immensely. I no longer hurt when I get out of bed in the morning – it’s fantastic! So, it comes highly recommended.

So, if you want any help with any little minor aches and pains and just aren’t sure what the option is – surgery is way more expensive this trust me – please give him a visit. Come and see, he’s awesome.”

 - Uria

"I work in IT, which means sitting in front of a computer all day. So, I suffer from upper back issues, neck issues, poor posture from being hunkered over a computer all day long. so obviously having regular chiropractic care helps fix that. I makes it to where I kind of undo a little of the damage of the day, so that’s really why I do chiropractic care and why it helps me so much. Getting regular maintenance is absolutely key and vital to keeping up with my everyday damage.

Dr. Nelson is the right person for the job because he’s so detailed and he’s focused in what he does. It’s nice getting help from people that are interested in what they’re doing. They take passion and pride in what they do, and that does mean a lot to me. It’s so hard to find someone that you can trust to, you know, wrap their arms around you and do things that manipulate things – you’re hearing things crunch – and you want to make sure the person doing that is competent. That’s, you know, part of the business.

I had regular chiropractic care for five years before moving to this area and it’s right on par. It absolutely meets all of my requirements for getting proper care. I don’t see any reason to look anywhere else.”

 - Kyle

"Hi, my name is Jaimie Collier I’m a patient of Dr. Nelson’s, and he has been treating me for three months now. I came here because I do have an illness called fibromyalgia. I’ve had it since I was seventeen, and I’m currently twenty-four years old. I’ve been dealing with this illness for quite some time now. I’ve tried numerous doctors and medications, and nothing has helped me the way this has.

I thought that I would come to a chiropractor for help for fibromyalgia pain. The people here are friendly, and the appointments and scheduling are very flexible; if you need to rearrange anything, everyone seems to understand. I would recommend this place to anyone who’s having any type of physical pain.

I didn’t realize that I actually had some other ailments that were being fixed along the way until I noticed just how much more I could do, and I am still making progress. And I will continue to see him. I have faith that this is going to be what changes my life.”

 - Jaimie


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